Hello! I'm Jay Ngai, traveler, nature and animal lover. I photograph all the above things whenever opportunities present themselves. Born in Hong Kong, grew up in British Columbia, Canada. I've been a software engineer for the past decade. I now travel in South East Asia doing what I love the most, photographing nature and wildlife along my way. I had an opportunity to work in a big cat sanctuary as a volunteer in the Summer of 2015, and that was when I took my first shot with a camera. I've fallen in love with it ever since. As you can probably tell, I am most passionate about nature and wildlife photography. There is no way for us human to change nature and behaviors of these magnificent animals, all we can do is hope and try to capture that perfect moment. Another important reason to do what I do is because of what we have done to the environment, global warming, oil drilling, canned hunting etc. All of these factors causes the habitats of wild animals to disappearing in a rapid and alarming rate. Photography becomes a very valuable channel to let us see them, memorialize them and hopefully bring more awareness to conservation and protection of the environment to the world.

If you are interested in my work, I would love to speak with you!

email: jay@jayngai.com